Monkey Paw Pub And Brewery – San Diego, CA

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Monkey Business – 1.4.12

What a year!  Monkey Paw opened in late August with a lot to accomplish still, and we’ve been making great strides to get there.  We’ve already had some great events, met a lot of new faces, and welcomed lots of people we already know and love.  We also opened a brewery.  That will be the focus of my posts, but I will also mention all the events we have going on.  Let’s get started.

This Friday we have the release of our newest beer.  Called Thatcher in the Rye, it  is a bitey little session beer with a lot of attitude.  At 4.5%, this is truly a session beer, with a good rye kick that finishes nice and bitter.  This is what beer should taste like.  A hazy golden copper color with a white head that lingers a long time.  A great food beer that you can drink all day long.

The idea for this beer came from our friend Jerry at Premier Stainless (the fine folks who built our brewery!)  The heart of this beer is British malt with a good dose of hops that are decidedly earthy, grassy, and just bitter enough to really let you know you’re drinking a bitter.  I added about 10% rye malt to the bill, which for a beer this small is pretty aggressive, but I did not want to shy away from the rye character.  This really is an excellent session beer.  It is also a great food beer.  It stands up to our cheesesteaks (and will probably be awesome with a Stoner Burger over at Hamilton’s!) and I think really embraces the essence of a pub ale.  Supply on the first run is super limited, but I have a feeling that this beer will be back for round two.

We will also be releasing a cask of this beer at the end of the month, which should be great.  I plan on having it side by side with a pasilla/habanero/chocolate Sweet Georgia Brown cask.  We’ll get to that…

Other events!

Next Thursday we are releasing the Monkey Paw Oatmeal Pale ale.  It is finishing up in the tank now, and I will let you all know more about it next week.  This is a very unique beer that I am still trying to nail down a perfect description of, so we’ll talk about it next week.

On Friday the 13th we have Alesmith IPA on cask.  Alesmith is one of my all-time favorite breweries, and I love everything they do.  The cask will be tapped at 3:00.

There will be plenty more coming.  The brewery is back in action next week trying to hammer out a few new things.  IPA.  IIPA.  Rauchbier?!  We will make everything we’ve ever wanted to make.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to throw them my way.  I’m happy to talk about beer all day long.