Monkey Paw Pub And Brewery – San Diego, CA

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Big Week Ahead!

Hello, all!  There’s so much to go over, but I’ll try not to be too long-winded.  Let’s get to it… First, as I am sure you’ve heard by now, we are canning three of our beers.  Sweet Georgia Brown, Rich Man’s IIPA, and Oatmeal Pale will be in 16 ounce cans by next week.  We are really excited to get these out in the world so you can take a beer of ours home with you.  Or to a tailgate… Read More »

Winner of the Monkey Paw Homebrew Competition!

So… We had a homebrew contest. 55 of you entered, and we couldn’t pick one winner, so we picked two! Congratulations to Eric Hall of La Mesa with a Blood Sorachi Saison (with blood oranges, ginger, and honey!) and to Ashton and Beth Ivey with their Sister Nico’s Habit, which is a little harder to pin down. A pale dubbel, perhaps? We will be brewing Ashton and Beth’s beer in April and Eric’s beer in late May/early June in time… Read More »

Monkeying Around! 2.7.12

Hello! We have a lot of stuff going on this month at Monkey Paw, and it is well past time for me to talk about some of it. Tomorrow, February 8th, we are releasing our Rich Man’s IIPA.  It is an 8.7% hop love fest.  Big, grassy, and wonderfully bitter without going overboard!  This really is a great beer and we didn’t make a ton of it, so it won’t last forever.  Of course, we’ll probably make more, but get… Read More »

Monkey Business – 1.4.12

What a year!  Monkey Paw opened in late August with a lot to accomplish still, and we’ve been making great strides to get there.  We’ve already had some great events, met a lot of new faces, and welcomed lots of people we already know and love.  We also opened a brewery.  That will be the focus of my posts, but I will also mention all the events we have going on.  Let’s get started. This Friday we have the release… Read More »

Brew Monkey Brew!

As our beautiful brewer Derek is enjoying his new wife in Barcelona we are closing in on our first brew date!  Right now we’re shooting for 11/3 the day before beer week to light her up and get this show on the road! Trust us we’re as anxious to brew as you probably are to see what we deliver. I assure it’s going to meet the standard folks have come to know of beers served in our watering holes!