Monkey Paw Pub And Brewery – San Diego, CA

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  • Thursday the 18th
    SameDay XPA Cask

    This year’s wet hop creation utilized Zeus, Chinook and Cascade hops from ZP Farm in Valley Center. We loaded the cask up with some more awesome whole cone hops and let it naturally do it’s thing. This should be a nice grassy, earthy, florally sweet delight.

  • Monday the 22nd - 5:00 pm
    MNF w/ Lagunitas

    These guys know how to party so we’re inviting them to join us, at least in spirit, for MNF. Pils, IPA and perhaps a secret treat will be on tap. $6 keep the glass special w/ $3.50 refills!

  • Thursday the 25th
    Lab Monkey Cask

    Our latest version of this series is a Southern Hemisphere hop dominant rye IPA. We added some more hops and citrus rind to boost the refreshing qualities of the beer. Can you think of anything better on a Santa Ana afternoon?