Monkey Paw Pub And Brewery – San Diego, CA

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  • Thursday the 21st
    Thursday Cask - SUPER Dry Hopped Plaid Monkey

    What happens if you dry hop our non hoppy scottish style beer with an obscene amount of flowers and pellets? We don’t know yet either, but we will after this…

  • Thursday the 28th
    Thursday Cask - Satanic Chimp w/ Local Grapes

    Cosimo’s good friend had a plethora of grapes growing in his backyard so we threw them into a cask of Satanic Chimp. The grapes were not sanitized and we didn’t test the sugar content. If this cask doesn’t blow it’s load too early, we should have an unique and flavorful experience to look forward to.


  • Thursday the 4th
    Thursday Cask - Cellar Monkey w/ POG

    This IPA, brewed with Tim and Connor of CellarMaker, is loaded up with Passion Fruit. How do you expand on that? We took inspiration from POG Juice, swapped in Passion Fruit for Pineapple and added fresh Orange and Guava to the mix! This is going to be a tropical aroma BOMB.