Monkey Paw Pub And Brewery – San Diego, CA

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  • Thursday the 31st
    Sweet Georgia Brown Root Beer Cask

    The last time we tried this, it was more root and less beer. We hope we learned from that iteration and are ready to do it again. Come in and have it straight up or as a float with vanilla ice cream. ┬áIf we’re going to drink dark beer in the summer, we’re going to make it super refreshing!


  • Thursday the 7th
    Pineapple Pineapple XPress Cask

    This one just seems obvious – Fresh pineapple in our Pineapple XPress XPA. The meridian and palisade hops give this beer a nice tropical aroma but the addition of a couple whole pineapples in the cask will make this into a perfect summer crusher. One month of summer to go, come celebrate appropriately.