Monkey Paw Pub And Brewery – San Diego, CA

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Our Beers

Beers marked with a ★ are currently on tap. Beers marked with a + are in the tanks.
  • Monkey Paw 16th and F

    American Pale Ale — 5.50% ABV

    Inspired by the 50/50 ice cream bar, we offer Summer Creamsicle as the newest addition to the 16th & F Experimental Pale Ale series. We infused all natural citrus zest and vanilla bean into this hoppy pub ale. A touch of lactose and nitro carbonation provide a hint of sweetness and body to round out this refreshing and incredibly unique beer.

  • Monkey Paw Big Smoke

    Smoked Beer — 6.00% ABV

    We love our Rauchbier’s and wanted to test their limits so we threw every type of smoked malt we could into this batch. Cherrywood and Beechwood are the most influential while Mesquite, Peat and Oak intertwine in the background, providing an intense smoke experience that is reminiscent of charcuterie and campfire. Don’t be scared, step up to the Big Smoke!

  • Monkey Paw Fan Belt IIPA

    Double IPA — 8.70% ABV

    When life hands you lemons…
    This beer is the result of an equipment failure, a drive belt that was only replaced by a 1968 Porsche 911 fan belt, during the brew process. We decided to keep going with what had made it to the fermentor and so this one time beer was created. Honey malt adds color and backbone while Cascade drives the aroma as the main dry hop component.

  • Monkey Paw Gibbon Back

    Double IPA — 9.70% ABV
  • Monkey Paw Kong Barleywine

    Barleywine — 11.80% ABV

    This year’s version was brewed over 3 days with a 3 hour boil each day. We used all English malts and hops, including Marris Otter and Golden Promise for the base malts, and a UK ale yeast. The beer is rich without being cloying, malt driven yet balanced and smells like apricot jam and toffee. Kong should evolve with time but is ready to enjoy in its fresh state now. Long live the KING!

  • Monkey Paw Lab Monkey

    American IPA — 6.50% ABV

    Our experimental IPA series is constantly evolving. The first several batches will have a very light malt base with a touch of rye. The hop profile will change significantly with each iteration. Our latest version, released in mid July, is 100% Cascade. We love this classic hop and wanted to express it’s beauty without any interference. Juicy, citrus driven yet clean and refreshing. This beer is awesome with tacos or a BlairSteak!

  • Monkey Paw McGavins Plaid Monkey

    Scottish Ale — 5.80% ABV

    MPM was crafted in the prideful tradition of the Scot’s Scottish Ale. We mashed at a higher temperature to gain a fuller body by building more dextrin in the wort and the extended boil created a greater caramelization character. MPM is our ode to tradition and our 80 Schilling Scottish Ale has rich aromas of toffee and caramel with the lowest lying esthers of fruit (from the UK Yeast). With a short lagering (cold-conditioning) stage we were able to let the flavors develop. MPM is lightly hopped so the hop aroma and flavor is subdued as the malt is at the forefront with a medium-high mouthfeel and a wonderful melanoidin richness on the palate with just the faintest hint of sweet smoke. Easy drinking at 5.8% and pairs wonderfully with alder smoked orange glazed salmon or roasted rack of lamb served medium-rare.. Slainte Mhath!

  • Monkey Paw Satanic Chimp

    American Amber / Red Ale — 6.00% ABV

    Satanic Chimp is an American Amber/Red Ale that combines some of our favorite traits. It is a dry ale with notes of roast and caramel on the nose and front of the palate. A mild hop bitterness cleans up on the finish but the bitterness is not lingering. A touch of citrus from the Centennial finish brightens up the profile just enough to enjoy this beer on a sunny San Diego afternoon. Cheers to indulgence!

  • Monkey Paw Yeast Farmer

    Saison — 4.90% ABV

    Light, clean, refreshing… These are the words we wanted to translate through this beer. Fermented at triple digit temperatures, the yeast creates a unique flavor profile that is bright with lemon and white pepper notes. High carbonation enhances the thirst quenching properties, a traditional quality of saisons.
    Perfect as a table beer whether food is involved or not. Low IBU’s and a slew of palate cleansing properties make this a beer that pairs with almost any food but we love it with head cheese!

  • Monkey Paw/New Belgium Buzzed Monkey

    Dubbel — 8.00% ABV

    Belgian Dubbel with Coffee & Lemon

  • Monkey Paw/Wendlandt Lets Go Clandestino

    American Pale Ale — 4.90% ABV

    The first cross border craft beer collaboration to be brewed in San Diego, “Let’s Go Clandestino” was brewed at Monkey Paw with the staff of Wendlandt Cerveceria out of Ensenada. The beer is a hoppy, easy drinking session pale. Eugenio, Wendlandt’s head brewer, wanted to use hops he didn’t have access to down south so we loaded this brew up with Azacca, Galaxy and El Dorado. We used Wendlandt’s mash and dry hop procedures to maintain body and infuse a larger hop presence than your average pale. Perfect with an authentic street taco or a California Burrito

    • Live Wire Caramel Coffee Milk Stout

      Milk / Sweet Stout — 6.20% ABV

      Live Wire is one of the most iconic bars in San Diego. They turned 20 this year, and we made them a beer. Black, with a big tan head that fades into beautiful lacing. The aroma is sweet, caramel, chocolate, and roast. The flavor is caramel, roast, evenly balanced coffee, and a chocolate/caramel finish that all comes with a nice full mouthfeel. The beer was made with 55 pounds of dulce de leche and 5 pounds of select coffee beans from Ryan Brothers.

    • Live Wire Caramel Coffee Milk Stout w/ vanilla

      Milk / Sweet Stout — 6.20% ABV

      Live Wire is one of the most iconic bars in San Diego. They turned 20 this year, and we made them a beer. Black, with a big tan head that fades into beautiful lacing. The aroma is sweet, caramel, chocolate, and roast. The flavor is caramel, roast, evenly balanced coffee, and a chocolate/caramel finish that all comes with a nice full mouthfeel. The beer was made with 55 pounds of dulce de leche and 5 pounds of select coffee beans from Ryan Brothers.

    • Mokey Paw 16th & F Saison

      Farmhouse — 5.50% ABV

      The latest addition to our 16th & F series is a Farmhouse/Saison style ale brewed in a radical fashion. It is a simple recipe that only includes Pilsner Malt and Hallertau Hops. The complexity of the beer comes from the yeast and fermentation process. Fermented at 95+ degrees, the yeast went ballistic in on the sugars. Dryness from the yeast attenuation is accented by a high carbonation level, adding to the refreshing properties. The aroma includes the classic white pepper and wine notes we enjoy so much in classic saisons, such as DuPont.

    • Monkey Paw !Javier, Javier!

      English Strong Ale — 7.80% ABV

      Brewed in collaboration with the master chef, Javier Placencia, this beer was made to go with food. Aromatic malts dominate the profile with light caramel and toast. Low bitterness allows the beer to be enjoyed with a wide array of foods and will not block the subtle flavors. Keep your eyes out for variations as this beer will be used as a base for a variety of flavor plays.

    • Monkey Paw 16th and F 100% Simcoe Pale

      American Pale Ale — 5.50% ABV

      Our co-Brewer Chris has wanted to make this beer since he got his hands on the system here. It is a 100% Simcoe hopped pale ale inspired by one of our favorite brewers, Vinnie. The bitterness is subdued, allowing the aroma and flavor of Simcoe to take center stage. Light and refreshing but not watery, this beer is perfect for San Diego, especially during our 75 degree winter days!

    • Monkey Paw Bonobos IPA/SD PALE

      San Diego Pale Ale — 7.90% ABV

      This is no IPA. This is a San Diego Pale Ale. How did we get here? Easy! Take out the the sweet caramel malt backbone and intense bittering of classic IPAs and replace them with a light biscuity malt profile and intense flavor and aroma hop additions. We then dry hop the bejesus out of it and get it out as fresh as possible. Be careful, this 7.9% ABV beer drinks like a pale ale and thats how we like it in America’s Finest Beer City.

    • Monkey Paw Brainfood

      Zwickelbier — 5.30% ABV

      We were approached by Matt Thomas & Ron Troyano (Alchemy Restaurant) about the possibility of doing a fundraising beer for the Albert Einstein Academies with part of the proceeds going to help support and assist the teachers with their grass roots funded agricultural program. We decided to make a german inspired zwicklbier but with a hoppy San Diego flair. We brewed and designed this lager in collaboration with local brewers Pat Korn and Doug Hasker as well as Eric March from Star B Ranch who was kind enough to donate some wonderful nugget hops from his farm. Loosely inspired from the Keller/Zwicklbier (german unfiltered/unpasteurized lager) we made a concerted effort to maximize the hop punch as well as add a bit of complexity by using a little malted white wheat (15% of the grist). Unconventionally hopped (65 IBUs)we used both Star B nugget as well as first growth hops from the Albert Einstein Academy program in the mash and with a 75 minute boil we continued to hop generously with Falconers Flight, Nugget, Cascade and Amarillo. We harvested lager yeast from Doug at Gordon Biersch and we bottom fermented cold for 6 weeks. The result was Brainfood a wonderful San Diego Style Zwicklbier. Brainfood is a hazy pale golden with floral and light citrus spice aromas from the hops intermingling with a soft malty/grainy backbone. Well carbonated and refreshing with a punchy hop bite. A San Diego classic in the making and a beer for a grand cause. Prost!

    • Monkey Paw Cornelius IIPA

      American Double IPA — 9.60% ABV

      Cornelius is an archetypal San Diego IIPA. The beer pours a bright gold with a sticky white head. The aroma explodes out of the glass with pine, orange and grapefruit. The taste follows the nose, with a nice distinct bitterness. We continue to evolve this beer with slight grist and hops adjustments. Always delicious and a perfect IIPA at 9.6% ABV that is deceptively easy to drink.

    • Monkey Paw CosiMole

      American Porter — 6.10% ABV

      Our second anniversary ale celebrates the evolution of Monkey Paw in it’s sophomore year. Monkey Paw’s new Head Brewer, Cosimo, took this recipe directly out of his homebrew notes. A chocolatey porter base provides the backbone for a symphony of flavors contributed by over 25 ingredients. We use nuts, raisins, spices and chiles to create layers of flavor that blend so seamlessly that no one ingredient can be identified. You might find the beer a bit subtle on the first sip but by the end of your second pint you will think you’re at a Oaxacan Grandmothers house.

    • Monkey Paw Equinox Harvest Ale

      Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB) — 5.70% ABV

      This food friendly beer was brewed to welcome in the fall. We utilized Cindarella Pumpkins, Red Kuri Squash and Coastal Sage from Suzie’s Farm to create a beer that will pair well with a wide range of dishes. The sage plays well with the hop bitterness over a lightly fruity and toasty malt background. Enjoy with light pasta dishes(pumpkin ravioli w/ brown butter), roasted chicken and PORK (especially w/ Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce)!

    • Monkey Paw Flying Cock

      English Stout — 6.10% ABV

      Autumn is upon us, time for darker beers. This export stout was inspired by the Fighting Cock Whiskey barrel that was provided by 7 Grand! We love our barrel aged stouts, but we also like to remember enjoying them, so this is more of a “sessionable” beverage at 6%. Flying Cock is rich without being decadent, caramely without being sweet and roasty without being astringent. Big chocolate and nut notes complete this full flavored beverage and will play well with the vanilla tones from the barrel. The beer will amaze you on its own but the barrel aged version, Pair of Cocks, (Available late Fall ’13 exclusively at 7 Grand and Monkey Paw) will rock your world.

    • Monkey Paw Free Ken Allen Robust Rye

      Rye Beer — 8.20% ABV

      Reinvented this year, Free Ken Allen is a whole new brew. Earthy hops combine with the spicy dryness of rye to create a slightly aggressive experience that is only balanced by floral hop aromas that trick your palate into expectations of a sweeter beer. Not quite an amber, but also not a pale, Free Ken Allen is elusive but well worth the wait.

    • Monkey Paw Great Ape Nectar

      Hazelnut Chocolate Milk Stout — 5.60% ABV

      This beer exemplifies the ability of a beer’s aroma to trick the mind. The sweet Hazelnut and Chocolate nose create an expectation of a rich sweet experience. What follows is quite different. The light body and strong roasted notes leave dry cocoa and nutty on the palate without being cloying. Of course this beer would go great with desserts, or even as a base for a beer float, but we think it would also pair up perfectly with a nice pork roast!

    • Monkey Paw Hooked On Chinook

      American Pale Ale — 5.30% ABV

      The disproportionate late addition hopping truly expresses the beauty and diversity of flavors that can be extracted from Chinook, one of our favorite hops. Grapefruit and pine are backed up with earthy, grassy notes and a very light malt sweetness. The aroma suggests IPA but the ABV and drinkability make this an all day San Diego beer.

    • Monkey Paw Howler IPA

      American IPA — 6.70% ABV

      Bright, clean, citrus, floral, tropical, dry… Everything a San Diego-style IPA should be. With a liberal addition of Centennial, Zythos and El Dorado hops, you get a good note of bright citrus and a background of pine. The malt takes a back seat in this beer, and really leaves the hops to be the star. An easy to drink, fantastic IPA for sunny San Diego.

    • Monkey Paw I5

      Black IPA — 7.00% ABV

      Named for the freeway that connects some of America’s finest beer cities, our I5 west coast dark ale combines 5 domestic hops and 5 malts to create a unique beer experience. Aromatic notes of citrus and pine layer over the faintest hint of cocoa. Light bodied and crisp, this beer is not overly astringent. Despite the darker color, this is a great summer beer and will pair with grilled meats and strawberry shortcake.

    • Monkey Paw I5 w/ Coconut & Himalayan Pink Salt

      Black IPA — 7.00% ABV

      Sometimes a cask is so good, we have to make it into a full batch of beer. This combination of dry, citrusy, tropical west coast dark ale infused with toasted coconut and a pinch of pure salt pushes the boundaries of beer. It incorporates sweet and savory influences, starts full bodied but ends crisp. A beer thats a journey in a glass or a great companion to Caribbean or South East Asian Cuisine.

    • Monkey Paw Jerry's Farewell Mocha Porter

      Robust Porter — 7.10% ABV

      Mayor Sanders has been a huge supporter of the San Diego beer scene, and we wanted to show him our appreciation. So we put him to work making beer with us, and we came up with a great Mocha Porter. Jerry’s Farewell is a Robust Porter with 10 pounds of cocoa nibs and 6 pounds of Cafe Calabria Love Potion blend coffee. What resulted in all of this is a smooth, dark, full bodied porter with a great mocha finish. Easy to drink, so enjoy one or two and raise a toast to our departing mayor Jerry!

    • Monkey Paw Jimbo's Ale

      Maibock / Helles Bock — 6.30% ABV

      An Oregonian Ale brewed June 19th, 2013 for our buddy Jim “Jimbo” Conroy. This beer is directly inspired from Jimbo’s favorite beer Rogue Dead Guy Ale. This wonderful beer has a rich malty aroma with a slightly sweet and bready flavor coupled with a balanced hop bite!
      *Jimbo’s Ale would not be possible without the amazing generosity of Rogue Brewery and Brew Master John Maier.

    • Monkey Paw Kong 2012

      Barleywine — 11.80% ABV
    • Monkey Paw LoveLike Beer

      Saison — 5.50% ABV

      Engineered to pair with our Mumbai Monkey vegan curry tofu sandwich, LoveLike Beer is a mint and lemon balm saison. We stayed true to tradition, brewing a highly effervescent, light bodied, dry beer. The herbs add a complexity and harmonize with the savory notes in the sandwich. This beer is a great summer refresher on it’s own or with a big bowl of pho.

    • Monkey Paw Low and Slow Rauchbier

      Rauchbier — 5.40% ABV

      Smoke. That’s the first, the middle, and the last impression you’ll get from our Rauchbier. Low and Slow is in the tradition of German smoked lagers, with a bit of a twist in the cherry wood smoked malt we used. The beer has hints of a nice sweetness that harmonizes throughout the beers flavors and aromas from start to finish. Low and Slow finishes nice and clean, leaving you yearning for more. It is pretty much bacon in a glass, so how can you go wrong?

    • Monkey Paw Low and Slow Rauchbier w/Serrano

      Rauchbier — 5.40% ABV

      Smoke. That’s the first, the middle, and the last impression you’ll get from our Rauchbier. Low and Slow is in the tradition of German smoked lagers, with a bit of a twist in the cherry wood smoked malt we used. The beer has hints of a nice sweetness that harmonizes throughout the beers flavors and aromas from start to finish. Low and Slow finishes nice and clean, leaving you yearning for more. It is pretty much bacon in a glass, so how can you go wrong?

    • Monkey Paw Mandrill IPA

      American IPA — 7.30% ABV

      Mandrill is our nod to the forefathers of the IPA style. The light fruit notes from the malt and dry hops conjure memories of classic English IPA’s while the resinous bitter notes and deep citrus aromas remind us of the Pacific Northwest. This beer is hop driven, but not solely a hop delivery vehicle. It is deceptively easy to drink at 7.3%, a So Cal twist we did not want to sacrifice. This beer is perfect with Mexican food or our brewer’s favorite, Carrot Cake!

    • Monkey Paw Meaty Beety Big n' Bouncy

      Double IPA — 9.00% ABV

      Brewed for the Brewbies Beer Festival benefiting Breast Cancer Awareness, Meaty Beety Big n’Bouncy is a wheat based IIPA that weighs in at 9.0% but is light and very quaffable. Citrus forward hops dominate the palate with a clean bitter finish that leads right into the next sip. The color of the beer is almost that of pink lemonade. This was created by the addition of beet juice, but don’t fear, they only contributed color. If you’re afraid, close your eyes and take the first swig.

    • Monkey Paw Midsummers Night Cream

      Cream Ale — 5.30% ABV

      Our first Pro/Am beer brewed with San Diego Fair Homebrew Contest winner Derek Jones. This refreshing “lawnmower” ale is brewed with Pilsner and Honey malts to provide a slightly sweet, yet crisp, body and mouthfeel. The Palisade hops provide aroma and a touch of that familiar San Diego bitterness. Perfect for those Santa Ana days that define October in America’s Finest City.

    • Monkey Paw Mighty Joe Young

      American Stout — 6.00% ABV

      This dark ale is aptly named after Joe from the classic 1949 film. A bold, roasty, dark stout with a bright citrus hop character and a San Diego punch of bitterness evident in the finish. The malt holds up the hops, and roast adds a coffee and chocolate taste that makes this an assertive, full flavored stout.

    • Monkey Paw Missing Link Belgian Pale w/Kaffir

      Belgian Pale Ale — 5.40% ABV

      The Missing Link is a rustic Belgian Pale that sits around 5.4% ABV. Cloudy and golden, with a long lasting head that dissipates into heavy lacing. The aroma is kaffir lime, clove, pepper, with some supporting citrus hops and a bit of bready malt. Tasting The Missing Link will give you an upfront shot of lime zest, biscuit, and a soft, pleasant yeast character.

      This is a perfect beer to pair with any food, and would really excel with something spicy. A Naughty Monkey, perhaps?

    • Monkey Paw Monkey Gose Bananas

      Gose — 3.70% ABV

      K’n'B Wine Cellars was having an anniversary and we were itching to make a unique beer style called a Gose. A rare style not often seen outside of Germany, the Gose is a soured wheat beer with coriander and salt added. Tart, lemony, a little salty, and very refreshing, Monkey Gose Bananas is a great light wheat beer. 3.7% ABV means you can drink this beer all day long. A great beer for the warmer days of summer.

    • Monkey Paw Monkey Gose with tart cherry

      Gose — 3.70% ABV

      K’n'B Wine Cellars was having an anniversary and we were itching to make a unique beer style called a Gose. A rare style not often seen outside of Germany, the Gose is a soured wheat beer with coriander and salt added. Tart, lemony, a little salty, and very refreshing, Monkey Gose Bananas is a great light wheat beer. 3.7% ABV means you can drink this beer all day long. A great beer for the warmer days of summer.

    • Monkey Paw Muriqui

      Strong SD Pale/IIIPA — 10.00% ABV

      Muriqui is our first attempt at a double digit San Diego Pale Ale. It is a true kitchen sink beer. We used 9 different hops and the layers of flavor created are wonderful. Citrus driven with mild bitterness, this beer starts off with a hint of body and fruit and finishes dry but not astringent. The beer will evolve throughout the next few batches but we are very happy with this deceptive ale.

    • Monkey Paw Oatmeal Pale

      Oatmeal Pale — 5.40% ABV

      The Oatmeal Pale Ale is sort of an unusual style, and something not often seen in San Diego. Most of our city’s beers are dry, crisp, and bitter. This is a more balanced pale ale, with a full, supportive body that gives malt presence to play with tropical and berry hop flavors that contribute the aromatic punch. Creamy and smooth with a bright white head and beautiful lacing. Excellent for those who enjoy a more evenly balanced pale.

    • Monkey Paw Patas Pale Ale

      American Pale Ale — 5.20% ABV

      Patas Pale is our ode to the American Pale Ale. Copper colored and bright with a clean, white head. We downplayed the hops just a bit to allow a bit of malt to shine through. The hops are all classic C’s; Columbus, Centennial, Cascade and Chinook. Hop aroma is not dominant, like an “IPA” – This is a great classic pale ale and at only 5.2% you can enjoy a couple anytime of the day.

    • Monkey Paw Pineapple X-Press

      XPA — 5.20% ABV

      A bright and citrusy San Diego session beer regardless of the season. Not too bitter, not too big. The nose is decidedly grassy and tropical. The malt in this beer is not the showcase, but you will get a little hint of a honey sweetness that compliments the overall flavor of the beer. This beer is perfect for those days you want something easy to drink, or to balance out a spicy meal. A great hoppy li’l session ale!

    • Monkey Paw Rhesus Chocolate/Peanut Butter Porter

      American Porter — 6.10% ABV

      A classic American Porter with a twist: we added over a pound per barrel each of cocoa nibs and peanut butter. This beer is dark and roast, yet light in body. The dark chocolate and peanut notes build as you drink it and really come to life once it has warmed ever so slightly. While the beer has its inspiration from the land of candy, this is not a sweet dessert beer, it is intended to be a everyday/all night drinker. Pair with Thai food, a bacon burger or throw a scoop of ice cream in it.

    • Monkey Paw Rich Man's IIPA

      American Double IPA — 8.70% ABV

      We love keeping a diverse lineup at Monkey Paw and Rich Mans proves this. Not your typical San Diego IIPA, this beer exhibits a more “classic” hop profile inspired by our industry’s forefathers. A bold copper-colored beer with beautiful gold edges, and crowned with a strong white head. The aroma is piney and dank. The mouthfeel is smooth and solid. The flavors of pine, grapefruit rind and dankness combine with a pleasant malt sweetness that interplays to mask the alcohol. This beer needs no companion but does pair perfectly with an order of Spicy Monkey Bones

    • Monkey Paw Santa's Pet Monkey

      Imperial/Strong Porter — 10.00% ABV

      For 2013′s Santa’s Pet Monkey, our holiday offering, we engineered a big roasty stout in the tradition of an RIS. This beer weighs in at 10% but you would never know it. The flavor and aroma is dominated by rich coffee and a smooth nuttiness that is backed up by notes of toffee and caramel. The finish leans towards the dry side, a touch we applied to compensate for our sweltering winters here in America’s Finest Beer City. This beer wants to be paired with braised beef or New York Cheesecake!

    • Monkey Paw SmallBar 4 Roses BA Santas Pet Monkey

      Barrel Aged Imperial Stout — 10.00% ABV
    • Monkey Paw Summer Honey Citrus

      Belgian Pale Ale — 6.30% ABV

      Belgian spicy yeast nose of pepper, white grape and vanillin intermingles with honey sweetness and citrus zest. We used 6 types of citrus (key lime, meyer lemon, blood orange, tangerine, mandarins and persian lime) to create a profile that screams citrus but ambiguously. Our honey addition was done post fermentation to preserve the layers of flavor from San Diego Honey Co. Grapefruit Blossom Honey. The beer fills the palate with a wheaty body which quickly dissipates due to high carbonation and attenuation, leaving a refreshing, slightly tart, finish.

    • Monkey Paw Sweet Georgia Brown

      Brown Ale — 5.80% ABV

      This beer started as a Southern English Brown, and evolved from there. The nose almost comes across as caramel, but when you drink you will find that it is not sweet. Dark, toasty, and lightly sweet with notes of chocolate, coffee, biscuit, and caramel, this beer is complex but very drinkable. A rustic but balanced beer without a strong hop presence, definitely made for the malt lovers of the old world.

    • Monkey Paw Sweet Tea Session IPA

      American IPA — 4.30% ABV

      Sweet Tea Session IPA is a small beer that weighs in at 4.3% ABV with the flavor and aroma of a bigger beer. Hopped with Sorachi Ace and Simcoe, the nose is earthy lemon and citrus, with a hint of grapefruit and pine. The malt shows up in the aroma as well, with a hint of sweetness to back up the hops. The beer is a ruby red color with a stark white head that is rocky and fades to a good amount of lacing. The flavor is sweet malt, lemon, and citrus with an almost earthy tea quality. You can drink a couplle of these no problem!

    • Monkey Paw Thatcher in the Rye

      English Bitter — 4.50% ABV

      Thatcher in the Rye is a bitey little session beer with a lot of attitude. At 4.5%, this is truly a session beer, with a good rye kick that finishes nice and bitter. This is what beer should taste like. A hazy golden copper color with a white head that lingers a long time. A great food beer that you can drink all day long.

    • Monkey Paw The Downs Family Irish Stout

      Irish Dry Stout — 5.10% ABV

      The Downs Family Irish Stout is flavorful and robust despite its modest 5.1% ABV. The aroma is full of coffee, chocolate, and roast. The flavor is bold, roasty, and smooth. A black beer with a strong cocoa-tinted head with endless lacing as you drink. The Downs Family Irish Stout was named after the Folk/Punk mainstays of San Diego. A great beer for a great band!

    • Monkey Paw Tiger Bomb

      American IPA — 6.90% ABV
    • Monkey Paw Uakari Wit

      Belgian Wheat — 5.60% ABV

      From the second this beer starts pouring you know it is a Wit beer. Hazy, white and light bodied, Uakari is a mild beer for these summer months. The Belgian yeast and spices are restrained, allowing the wheat to provide the dominant flavors. A nice dose of acidulated malt brightens the beer and replaces late hop additions for balance. As with all living things, this beer will mature and change so try one now, later and next batch to truly experience the evolution of a new brew.

    • Monkey Paw Valentine's Ale

      Winter Warmer — 9.00% ABV

      The Valentine’s Ale was the winning recipe from our second homebrew competition. The beer is based on an Imperial Stout, ringing in at 9% ABV, and spiced with cinnamon, clove, and cardamom. The aroma is distinctly cinnamon, chocolate, and sweet dark fruit. As the beer warms up, you notice the alcohol and some coffee notes. The flavor is a good match for the aroma, with a bold chocolate and alcohol warmth. The beer finishes with a dark chocolate bitterness, and lingers on the palate. Great with dark chocolate, great with a hamburger, great by itself!

    • Monkey Paw Waypoint 730

      Summer Pale — 6.20% ABV

      Our shout out to Urge Gastropub for their 2012 Anniversary. Waypoint 730 is our summer pale ale w/coriander, orange blossom honey, and lemongrass. We use a traditional english pale malt varietal with a touch of wheat. This gives the ale a medium body mouth feel with a sweet biscuity appeal and wonderful head retention. The spices and hops jump out and compliment the malt providing a wonderful nose which is reminiscent of lemon pound cake or lemon short bread cookie. The finish is crisp and dry! Waypoint 730 San Diego Summer Pale!

    • Monkey Paw Witch Creek Wet Hop XPA

      American Pale Ale (APA) -FreshHop — 5.10% ABV

      Our first wet hop ale! The staff from all 3 of our bars traveled East to Star B ranch to hand harvest organic Cascade hops. The fresh hop flavors are balanced with a touch of honey malt, creating a floral and fruity nose of orange peel and starburst candies that leads to a refreshing and crisp experience on the palate. We didn’t make much of this beer and it will be served as fresh as possible. Grab a pint if you see it.

    • Monkey Paw/8 Wired The Rhymenoceros NZ Rye Pils

      Rye Beer — 6.00% ABV

      I’m the motherflippin’ Rhymenoceros.

      Soren from 8 Wired brought a bunch of hops from New Zealand and we made a Rye Pilsner out of them. The beer pours a straw yellow with a strong white head of foam. Smelling it instantly gives you a wave of tropical fruit, guava, mango, and a hint of spice from the rye. Tasting the beer gives you a complimentary flavor to the smell, with light, bready notes that work well with the rye and the fruit and even a hint of pear. The beer finishes with a light, even bitterness that you would expect in a pilsner. Get ready for the wild rhino stampede!

    • Monkey Paw/AleSmith Ashes From the Grave

      American Brown Ale — 6.66% ABV

      Ashes From the Grave has risen! Ashes From the Grave is a Smoked American Brown Ale. This beer was a collaboration with Bill Batten from Alesmith, one of the most decorated breweries in San Diego. The beer pours with a creamy chocolate head, and kicks off aromas of chocolate, biscuit, sweet smoke, and caramel. The flavor is layered to provide a unique balance of roast, hoppiness and smoke. The beer is not aggressive with any one flavor, but the smoke flavor will build as you crush your pint. Pair this with a BLT or a piece of New York cheesecake!

    • Monkey Paw/AleSmith Ashes From the Grave (Nitro)

      American Brown Ale — 6.66% ABV

      Ashes From the Grave has risen! Ashes From the Grave is a full bodied, rich, smoky, and chocolaty brown ale. The beer pours with a creamy chocolate head, and kicks off aromas of chocolate, biscuit, sweet smoke, and caramel. The flavor is big, bready, and the mouthfeel is round and luscious. This beer was a collaboration with Bill Batten from Alesmith, and we couldn’t love this beer more. Stay tuned next year for the sequel, Monkey From the Crypt!

    • Monkey Paw/Almanac SF-SD Bay to Bay

      UnCommon — 5.40% ABV

      A california common is lager yeast fermented at ale temperature unique in its own right but alongside 2 row, biscuit and munich malts we added a bit of dark malt to give it’s black hue. If not uncommon enough we gave it a very healthy dose of citra, amarillo and sorachi ace to give it that west coast/San Siego citrus hoppiness that we’ve come to know and love. To freak out the beer a little more we added single origin madagascar cacaoa nibs from Dandelion Chocolate (bean to bar chocolate factory in the mission, SF) and we zested a slew of blood oranges (sourced from our local farmers market). The beer pours black and the first thing you’ll notice is a bouquet that is dank with orange, grapefruit and subtle lemon intermingling with some soft notes of roast and cocoa. We have curated quite a unique flavor that starts smooth and bright but transitions to a cocoa/hop finish that sits on the mid palate. Much brighter and hoppier than the IBU’s would lend you to believe and a perfect beer for the dark chocolate and hop lover. Brewed with adventurous love with our friends from Almanac Brewing from the bay area. This beer would go great with roasted beef, grilled root veggies or mushroom risotto. We hope you enjoy this UnCommon Ale!

    • Monkey Paw/Ashton Ivey Sister Nico's Habit

      Belgian Pale Ale — 5.50% ABV

      Sister Nico’s Habit is named after the cat of our homebrew contest winners Ashton and Beth Ivey. While not everyone is a fan of Nico, we are sure you’ll love the beer. We are calling this a Belgian Session Ale. Malty yet dry, smooth, and complex, this beer is a dark amber with a solid tan head. You will tend to pick up dark fruit and hints of flowery aromas on the nose, complimenting the flavor well. A light brown sugar, plum, and biscuit taste linger on your palate and then leave cleanly, not leaving any heavy aftertaste. Lightly bitter and extremely drinkable!

    • Monkey Paw/Eric Hall Drunken Munkee Saison

      Saison — 8.30% ABV

      Eric Hall was one of our two winners of our first homebrew contest. His Drunken Munkee saison is complex, deceptively strong, and delicious. With over 80 pounds of honey, 7 pounds of ginger, and 30 pounds of blood oranges, this recipe required a lot of time and patience with getting the ingredients just right. What we ended up with is a bright, refreshing ginger and orange saison with a lot of character. Candied ginger, bread, orange rind, honey, clove, and spice are all in play in both the aroma and flavor. You can’t miss this one!

    • Monkey Paw/Nickel Beer Co. WrathChild

      Weizenbock — 8.00% ABV

      Wrathchild is a subtly smoked doppel weizenbock inspired by Aventinus and Schlenkerla. This bastard child was the brainchild of Tom Nickel and Scot Blair and was brewed as part of the O’Brien’s 20th anniversary celebrations. Chocolate and dark fruit notes from the malts blend with the smoke and yeast phenols to create a unique beer that will rock your tastebuds.

    • Monkey Paw/Stillwater Bekantan Saison

      Saison — 5.50% ABV

      A collaboration with Stillwater Brewing, the Bekantan Saison is a dry, crisp, floral, and bitey Farmhouse Ale. Hints of hibiscus interplay well with blackberry and grapefruit. Spelt malt gives it a noticeable spice, while the yeast profile rounds out the beer. Great for a warm summer day.

    • Monkey Paw/Stone Monkey Stones Black Lager

      American Dark Lager — 7.70% ABV

      Monkey Stones is a collaboration between Monkey Paw and brewer Jeremy Moynier from Stone Brewing Company. After some discussion, we decided to make a black lager, with a bit of Stone flair. This is a strong, 7.7%, black, toasty beer with attitude. Roast, toasted almonds, and a pine-filled hop aroma are first on the nose. As the beer warms up, you notice a lot of chocolate and orange, with a solid hop bite. The taste is similar, but smooth, hoppy, and delicious. This is not your typical black lager. Do you have the stones to drink it?

    • MPBC/2 Brewers Abroad ANZAC Aussie Pale

      American Pale Ale — 5.00% ABV

      Inspired by the ANZAC biscuit, a cookie traditionally sent to the troops at the front lines, this beer incorporates the use of oats, treacle syrup, coconut and molasses. We had a blast brewing this beer with Steve and Steph(, Aussie brewers on a road trip across the US. The beer is heavily influenced by the use of Australian yeast, providing a malt forward experience. Slightly sweet,yet refreshing, with the tropical influence of coconut, this sessionable ale is delicious with seafood from the barbie or with toast, butter and Vegemite